Who are we?

In 1993 we were the first ever company to start with the cultivation of Magic Mushrooms on a large scale. A lot of things changed over the course of 25 years, but our mission has always remained the same. We want to offer every adult who is looking for a mind-expanding experience that is both safe and of high quality, the opportunity to get this. Over time, we have switched to a new name (Mycologics) and have completely focused ourselves on the production of Magic Truffles. For thousands of returning customers worldwide we are still the most reliable supplier of safe and high-quality products. Click on the link to learn more About us.

How can I place an order?

Take a look around our webshop and choose the products you fancy. Go to your shopping cart and choose a payment method. Your order will be shipped as soon as we’ve received your payment. Do you experience any troubles? Send an email to info@magictruffles.com and we will find a solution as soon as possible. Create an account for yourself to order even faster next time.
NB: we require a minimum order amount of 20 EU.

What is the ordering procedure?

After you’ve placed your order you will receive a confirmation email. In this email you will find a unique order number. You can use this order number to check the status of your order in your account at any time. If you didn’t receive an order confirmation, please check your spam mail, it’s probably in there. If you have any queries about your order, please send an email to info@magictruffles.com and be sure to mention your order number.

How can I pay for my order?

There are several options for paying for your order. We offer four online payment methods that are available in a limited number of European countries: iDeal, Bancontact, Giropay and Sofort. If your country is not available, we’d suggest you make a bank transfer (via SEPA). Choose “SEPA bank transfer” and follow the payment instructions on your screen. If you order from outside Europe you can’t use SEPA, but you can still pay by bank transfer (refer to our Payment section for more information). If you are unable or unwilling to make a bank transfer, cash may also be an option. However, we do ask you comply to several requirements when paying cash. Please refer to our Payment section for more information before you place an order.

Why can’t I pay with my credit card or Paypal?

Unfortunately, the nature of our products makes payment with credit card or Paypal impossible. Our web shop is simply not accepted by the companies that have to approve this. Behind the scenes we continue to look for alternative payment solutions. Hopefully, in the future, we can offer you more convenience in paying for your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

On the day we receive your payment your order will be shipped. We ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In some cases we also ship on Friday. Delivery times abroad can vary. For an indication of the delivery estimates, check our Shipping section.

How is my order packed?

We use discrete, neutral packaging for all orders.

Are your products legal in my country?

All products on our website are legally produced in the Netherlands. If you order from abroad, please check what the law says in your country before you place an order. The responsibility for importing our products, to any country, lies entirely with the customer. For more information on this subject, check the section About us, under the header “Legality”.

How can I preserve my Magic Truffles?

Store your Magic Truffles in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celcius. Do not store Magic Truffles in the freezer, as they will lose their effectiveness. Our Magic Truffles have a shelf life of one month when stored in the refrigerator. When the Magic Truffles are vacuum packed, the shelf life is two to three months. After opening a vacuum pack the shelf life is limited. If you open a vacuum pack immediately after receiving it, the shelf life is about a month. If you open a vacuum pack after two months, the truffles have a maximum shelf life of one week. Read more about the shelf life of Magic Truffles in the section About Truffles.

Where can I find more information about Magic Truffles?

Everything you need to know about Magic Truffles can be found in the section About Truffles. Are you considering trying Magic Truffles? Then we urge you to read through this information carefully.