Bank transfer

Follow the instructions in the confirmation email you receive or follow the instructions below.

Find the total amount of your order in the confirmation email and transfer it to:
Gontinic BV
IBAN: NL 31 INGB 0007 277 566

Does your bank require the BIC (also known as SWIFT code, SWIFT-BIC and SWIFT ID)? Please use: INGBNL2A

In the description of the bank transfer, please state your full name and the order number you find in the confirmation email. NB: if you didn’t receive a confirmation email, please check your spam, it’s probably in there.

NOTE: You will have to make a manual bank transfer. Ask your bank if you’re unsure how to do this. Your bank may charge a fee for making a bank transfer. If this is the case, it could be cheaper to make a transfer via a service like MoneyGram or TransferWise. If you use a service like this, please make sure it is one that transfers the money directly, without any action required from our side. Also, please email us your transaction/reference number, because sometimes this is the only way we can identify your payment.

Cash payment

We strongly prefer bank transfers to cash payments. However, if you are unable or unwilling to pay by bank transfer, we do accept cash payments under the conditions underneath. Also, we need to charge a small amount of administrative costs (1,95 EU).

  • Only use courier services to send us cash money.
  • Only use registered mail to send us cash money.
  • Only use the courier’s suggested cardboard envelopes for sending cash money.
  • Secure the edges of your envelope with Scotch tape.
  • Mark the Scotch tape with a magic marker.
  • Only send bills, do not put any coins in the envelope.

Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for your payment until your payment is delivered to us. Envelopes that look damaged will not be accepted by us and will be returned.
We’ve set these strict conditions to prevent your payment from getting stolen. Many times, we’ve received envelopes that turned out to be empty. Upon closer inspection we found that these envelopes had been carefully opened and closed after taking the money from them. We realize we are asking for a lot here, so we kindly ask for your understanding.

You can send your payment along with your order(number), name and delivery address by registered/traceable mail to:
Gontinic BV
Noorddijk 3
2391 CE Hazerswoude-Dorp
The Netherlands

For payments, we prefer to receive Euros. We also accept English Pounds (GBP) and US dollars (USD), but we do charge a foreign currency fee for orders paid with cash money. This is for the simple reason that we have to exchange these currencies into Euros ourselves. The amount of the fee is about the same as any normal bank would charge you for exchanging currency.

For this payment option, we apply the foreign currency fee as described above. We only accept the currencies that we mentioned above (EUR, GBP and USD). This means we do not accepts Pounds other than English Pounds from the bank of England. We do not accept Pounds from the Bank of Scotland (RBS) or the Clydesdale Bank. Nor do we accept Irish pounds. As for dollars, we only accept American Dollars (USD), we do not accept Canadian Dollars. If we do receive those type of currencies, we will contact you and ask you to pay with the correct currency. We will return your non-valid payment with your order. We will not return the non-valid payment without the order itself, as it will costs us shipping costs to return it.

We do not like receiving coins as we can’t exchange them either. Also, envelopes with coins in them are more likely to get stolen. We appreciate payments being rounded off to the smallest banknote, without coins in the envelope. For example, if your order value is $64.38 dollar, you may round it off to $64,-.