Safe payment

This web shop offers important instruction of payments. Every visitor is obliged to maintain this instruction. The consequence of non-compliance of it are: delays in shipment, direct refund with deduction of bank charges and special cases no refund. We strongly recommend you to follow your order in our web shop. For  payment allocation, you have to include the order reference in the description of a transfer.

SEPA Single Euro Payments Area (Bank transfers):
– Check whether you country is in your area; click here
– Mandatory: Payment in Euro’s (and use IBAN bank account number)
Important: If your country maintain other currency (Like Scandinavian countries and UK),
  you have to convert into Euro’s.
– There are exceptional banks, who don’t support you to make a “SEPA Payment”
  > The solution is to pay by money transfer service companies, info please see below.
  So we stimulate you to save bank charges and prevent the consequences as above.

Bank details for the SEPA area:

– Beneficiaries name:      Gontinic BV
– Beneficiaries account:  NL31 INGB 0007 2775 66

Outside the SEPA Area / SEPA Area’s in other currency.
We are conscious that banks charge significant rates to the beneficiary and the payer by bank transfer. The smaller the order value, the relatively (in%) higher the bank charges are.

Money transfer providers:
– There are lots of companies, where you can transfer smaller amounts with less charges as 
   a normal foreign bank transfer. For example Transferwise and Moneygram.
– The majority of these companies convert your payment into €.
– Payments by these companies can take more days, but the charges are low.
– You are obligated to inform us by email, preferable with the screenshot of the receipt.
  Some of these companies omit a proper remittance description.
– Link to a money transfer provider comparison , please click here
– These companies can ask you bank details as above (SEPA) or below (outside SEPA area)

Bank Transfer:
We apply an order value minimum of € 100,00.
– Bank charges choose for OUR cost, this means you take the charge of your bank and
  partially our bank. These charges are not published.
  We always get a fixed fee from our bank for receiving at every foreign non-SEP transfer.
– Please us the bank details below if you are outside the SEPA area.

Bank details for outside SEPA area:
Beneficiaries name:                    Gontinic BV
– Beneficiaries bank account:      0007277566
– Swift/BIC code:                            INGBNL2A
– Beneficiaries Street:                   Noorddijk 3
– Beneficiaries Zip code + city:    2391 CE, Hazerswoude-Dorp

Bank name:                                   ING Bank
Street:                                            Amsterdamse Poort Bijlmerplein 888
Zip code + city:                             1102 MG, Amsterdam

Please note: Payment option like crypto’s or creditcards etc. are not standard payment options. For non-standard payment options please mail us at