Grow psycho-active mushrooms at home! This kit will grow 300-500 grams of fresh mushrooms within 2 or 3 weeks. It is very easy and works in every home. Just open the kit, add water, pour out the water after 24 hours. Now wait about 2-3 weeks and then harvest.

This box contains 1 grow kit and 1?special grow bag.

1. It could be that the mycelium has not entirely grown in the casing layer. Should that be the case, put the grow kit in a warm place of around 26 degrees Celcius, until you see the mycelium is growing above the surface. Only then proceed with step 2, when the mycelium is visible at the surface.

2. Carefully remove the lid of the grow kit.

3. Pour 200 ml of tap water in the bag. This will keep the relative humidity at a high level.

4. Place the kit in the bag with caution.

5. Fold the top side of the bag 2 to 3 times, put on a paper clip and place it on a warm spot of approximately 23 degrees Celsius, but not in full sunlight.

6. After the third day, cut 2 holes on each size at the size of a euro coin.

7. After 6 to 10 days you will see that buds have formed on the surface of the kit. If the buds have the size of a pinhead, you can slightly spray them every other day with water to keep the surface moist.

8. The buds will develop into full-grown mushrooms in a few days, ready to be harvested. To pick the mushrooms: hold the mushrooms to the ground as close as possible and pull them out while twisting them. Try to cause a minimum amount of damage to the casing layer.

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 19x13x7,5 cm
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Potency High
Difficulty Easy
Origin Ecuador
Optimum temperature 24 ?
Yield 350g
Peso 800 g
Dimensiones 190 × 130 × 75 mm